Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ashmore Estate update

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Things are moving quickly in the Ashmore Estate area.

The first stage of the 'Erko' development is now complete, along with the extension of Bridge St.

The building is taller than the local community had originally campaigned for, (8 storeys vs 5) which will place further significant strain on local infrastructure. On the positive though, for many of us existing residents being able to re-access the more direct route up to the village and having a residential development rather than warehouses are welcome aspects. Word also has it that Foodcraft, a cafe and bakery will open soon in the building corner.

Further 'Erko' stages are nearing completion and 'Eve' stage 1 is also underway.

Three more development applications have been lodged, for a string of developments along Eve St, totalling around 180 apartments. Friends of Erskineville and myself have objected to the excessive heights, with all of them trying to grab an extra 2 metres or so above the controls on the grounds of high flood levels in the area.

'Honeycomb & Sugarcube' apartments and terraces is another development application open for comment at the moment. This is 7 storeys, 109 apartments and 18 terraces.

Finally, the entire Goodman site to the east, bordering Mitchell Rd has been sold to developers for $300 million. This entire site has the potential for 1765 residential dwellings. It is supposed to include a new park and green link.

With all these sales and developments, probably over 85% of Ashmore has been bought up for residential development by now. Added to this are many other new apartment buildings nearby. It will be the community's ongoing challenge to keep these at acceptable density and quality whilst campaigning for desperately needed improvements/expansions in public transport, schools, open space, public and affordable housing and other infrastructure. These must surely be provided to sustain a healthy and harmonious community.

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