Tuesday, 8 September 2015

St Peters WestCONnex 'Crown of Thorns' interchange

Alexandria landfill, St Peters - the proposed site of a vast WestCONnex interchange.
Halting construction here will be a key battleground in the struggle against WestCONnex. See the photos belows for the main features and entry and exit points.
The landfill is on a block nearly 1 km square bounded primarily by the Princes Hwy, Canal Rd, Burrows Rd and Campbell St/Rd.
The main exit/entry point is on the NE side close to Campbell Rd. The exact address there is 16-20 Albert St. It is a double gate with a holding area in between. This is where the asbestos laden trucks are coming out. From there they go straight ahead and turn left into Campbell St, before heading up Edgeware Rd past St Pius school.
There are two other operational gates, one on nearby Holland St, the other on Burrows Rd. They appear to be used primarily for support vehicles.
There is a disused gate on Canal Rd too.
There best vantage point to see the entire site is from the rear of the carpark in between 238 and 310 Princes Hwy. Other views are possible from the back of the adjacent KFC or scrambling onto a railing next to the big billboards closer to Canal Rd.
The waste loads all appear to be in double trucks that have stickers on the side such as WC052 with a different 3 digit number.
The approved hours of work are 7am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 4pm on Saturday.
We envision that one day the land will be remediated, there will be a new train station, social housing and an extension of Sydney Park. There will also be interpretive signage explaining how the community rose up and took control. Make it so.
Main entrance at 10-16 Albert St.

Google maps

Note the inner gates.

Just to the left of the entrance

Holland St entrance. There is another gate further inside.

Burrows Rd gate

 Burrows Rd gate close up

 Disused Canal Rd gate

View from next to billboards on Princes Hwy

View from behind 310 Princes Hwy. It looks like construction has started prior to approval.

Truck WC052