Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Housing Action for Sydney Council

A broad left group has emerged to contest the upcoming local government election on Sept 8. The group is called Housing Action.

Progressive activists of various stripes have come together to raise important issues, in particular public housing, public transport and corporate overdevelopment.

I was approached to join in, and I thought the cause was worthwhile, so I did. Personally, I've been heavily involved in Friends of Erskineville, and my areas of interest have been overdevelopment of Ashmore estate, public transport, pushing for more cycling, parks, community facilities, childcare and preschools. Public housing tenants, private renters and the homeless are under great stress and I believe resident groups should work together and get behind them as I believe there is common ground there and it can bring greater breadth and depth to our collective campaigns.

Housing Action believes that Sydney needs a fighting council. One that will stand up for us and activate the community to push for the action we really need.

If you support our aims, I hope you'll be able to help out in some way, and if you are a voter in the City of Sydney, vote for us too.

Check out the website for more info:

Andrew Chuter
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