Monday, 16 January 2012

What is Crashmore Estate?

Crashmore Estate (aka Ashmore Estate) is a choice bit of industrial land in the heart of Erskineville/Alexandria. It's going to be developed into apartments.

Greedy developers such as Goodman and Leighton Properties have used their political influence ($$$ to Kenneally & O'Farrell) and now the City of Sydney has put forward a new plan to radically overdevelop the site.

The existing plan wasn't too bad, the maximum building heights were 5 storeys. But the new plan tops out at 9 storeys and will DOUBLE the total population of Erskineville!

3000 new apartments
6000 new residents
How many new cars ????
How many new trains & buses ????
How many new schools, hospitals, post offices ????

What's up Clover? There's an election around the corner, we can CrashMoore too.

This is a big turd dropped on all of us who live and pass through here.

But we are strong and together we will defeat this thing. Erskinevillians have long memories of past successes and a green bans park to remind us.

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